Fresh Fish Every Morning from Tukkutori of Helsinki

Kalamesta is a Finnish fish wholesaler catering for the growing fish market since 1989. Our core strengths are Finnish craftsmanship, skilled personnel and, of course, ecologically and responsibly produced fish.

Story of Kalamesta

The story of Kalamesta begins in Sörnäinen, Helsinki, where Jyrki Einiö and Juhani Larjos established their first place of business. Offering high-quality fish to meet the needs of customers has been the strongest of the company’s operating principles since the beginning. Over the years, sales have stabilized and operations grown. The decision was taken to expand business and improve customer service even further. These values still guide Kalamesta’s daily operations and the company is still located in the same area. Today, Kalamesta is a strong national player whose market area is the whole of Northern Europe.

From Near and Far, Fresh and Frozen

Kalamesta develops, manufactures and sells its products to retail stores, large supermarket chains, the hotel and restaurant industry, as well as to other wholesalers. An extensive supplier network and our own imports provide a rich selection of fish and fish products from Finland and abroad all year round. An extensive procurement network also guarantees constant availability of fresh products.

Fresh Fish

Responsibly caught fish from sustainable fish stocks provided by Finnish fishermen and fish farmers, as well as from the world’s seas.

Fish Products

Wide selection of lovingly produced high-quality fish products, that we are truly proud of.

Shellfish and Other Seafood

First-class seafood delicacies, for sophisticated tastes, both fresh and frozen.

Frozen Products

A comprehensive selection of environmentally friendly and tasty frozen food whose quality and freshness you can trust.

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The Origin of our Fish

Kalamesta carefully selects its suppliers and supervises their procedures. We emphasize freshness and certified raw materials in all our purchases. Kalamesta’s operation has always been based on responsibility. As proof of this, for a long time, we have ensured that our suppliers have MSC and ASC certifications. We source fish from sustainable fish stocks and prefer local operators. This encourages responsible fishing.


Our ongoing recruitment policy requires new personnel who are interested in participating in our ever developing operating environment, the strengths of which are based on Finnish craftsmanship, using skilled workers to responsibly produce ecological fish products.

Send a free form application or inquire about vacancies:

For resellers

Kalamesta manufactures and sells its products to retail stores, large supermarket chains, the hotel and restaurant industry, as well as to other wholesalers. We customise our services to meet the needs of our clients, offering the latest novelties in the fish industry, while always maintaining high quality and the availability of traditional products. Using locally sourced seasonal fish brings extra variety to our offering. Ask our expert sales personnel for more information about seasonal fish and other products.


Tuomo Huotari
Sales Manager
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Katriina Kämppi
Key Accounts
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Juuso Larjos
HoReCa Accounts
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Yrjö Rossi
Retail Accounts 
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Tuomas Sokolnicki
Retail Accounts 
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Tuija Tofferi
Retail Accounts 
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Jouni Pantsu
Retail Accounts 
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Purchasing and logistics

Teemu Kurtti
Purchasing Manager, International Purchases and Sales
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Anssi Rötkö
International Purchases and Sales
+358 9 7744 1135

Niko Tahvanainen
Domestic Purchases and Logistics
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Juhani Huopainen
Domestic Purchases
+358 9 7744 1177

Aleksi Mattila
Head of Quality and Development
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Marja Keijola
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Katja Koskinen
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Terttu Väänänen
Financial Manager
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Jyrki Einiö
Managing Director
+358 9 7744 1111

Juhani Larjos
Logistics Director
+3589 7744 1112